We are a specialized company in marketing Mexican handcrafts abroad.

In Kiné, we are proud of our traditions; the millennial art of our ancestors preserved in their crafts. In Kiné, we are committed not only to preserve, but to spread and promote the art produced by the expert hands of our Mexican artisans that has been passed down from generation to generation through the centuries.


We are located in Tonalá, Jalisco, México, land of artisans; an area considered as a main driver for the local economy.


The wide variety of our catalog allow us to show from the most traditional of our handcrafts, such as grills, fireplaces, vases, plantpots, glass work, furniture,

traditional decorative pieces and decorative work of modern proposal.


In Kiné, our values are professionalism, responsibility, honesty and commitment, all backed with extensive experience in exports of handicrafts and products in general.


In Kiné, we are proud of our craft; just as we will proud to be at your service.